Our global promise


We are passionate about playing a positive role globally and on the African continent especially through our world-class training methodologies and skills development to uplift our people and create sustainable businesses on a continent that has more than its fair share of challenges. Our skills development program teaches niche-skills across a wide array of services. Being chocolatiers, bakers, coffee roasters and brewers – with kitchens preparing food at a luxury-quality level, each and every staff member has an opportunity to acquire a unique, new set of skills at the very highest level.

A Sustainable Approach

Compostable & Reusable

We pride ourselves on being amongst the first brands in the world to use home-compostable capsules across our full range of coffee and rooibos capsules. Where possible, we design our packaging for multi-use, and encourage reuse or recycling of our packaging. Across the business, we utilise some of the world’s most efficient equipment, including the world’s most efficient Loring Smart coffee roaster.

Our CSR Initiative

The Coco Safar 1-Million Tree Initiative

In partnership with GreenPop, we have committed to plant 1 Million trees.

By donating 1% of the proceeds of every coffee sold. Our contribution, and yours, will go towards planting 1 million trees and fruit trees, in under privileged communities, and contribute towards reforestation programs in Southern Africa.

New Ideas – New Solutions

Responsible Innovation

We are privileged to live in a world that is experiencing a food revolution. With this excitement comes a responsibility, not just to bring new and exciting experiences to the table, but also to do it in a way that is more conscious of where our produce comes from, how far it must travel, and how it is being made. We wholeheartedly embrace a philosophy of making and baking all our goods freshly each day and sourcing local, seasonal produce where possible, for the simple reason that it just tastes better and reduces our carbon footprint.